Resin flooring solutions – key considerations when selecting your product

Resin flooring solutions – key considerations when selecting your product

A resin floor offers a durable and sustainable solution for a wide variety of locations, from manufacturing and food processing to front of house areas. It is therefore essential to select the appropriate resin flooring system based on the traffic and activity to which the finished floor will be exposed to.

Factors to be considered include:

• Slip resistance for a wet or dry environment
• Chemical resistance
• Type of traffic, abrasion and impact
• Temperature constant or thermal shock
• Conductive or anti-static for sensitive electronics or explosion risk environments
• Elastomeric properties for tanking or car park decks
• Aesthetics
• Speed of installation
• Substrate existing or new concrete
• Desired operating life

There are a variety of different types of synthetic resin flooring and FeRFA (the Resin Flooring Association) has produced a classification system based primarily on durability. These range from Type 1 a floor seal of up to 0.15mm for light duty through to Type 8 heavy duty trowel applied systems over 6mm thick. Click here for FeRFA’s classification.

Resin flooring is based on various chemical technologies such as epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate (MMA). Each of which offers different features and benefits such as epoxies are usually most cost effective, polyurethanes more robust and MMA is very fast curing. In turn, these are available in a variety of systems covering most of the FeRFA categories and tailored to suit factors such as chemical or slip resistance.

With over 30 years experience working on high profile projects including the Kelvin Hall refurbishment in Glasgow, the Highland Springs factory extension in Perthshire, and the £80m V&A Museum of Design in Dundee, IFT can advise on all the different features and benefits of each resin flooring solution to help you make the appropriate choice. Get in touch today to discuss your project and find the best solution.